Section J Reports

Section J Reports

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We have 2 options available for Section J Compliance:


Deemed To Satisfy

Deemed To Satisfy provides the least flexible way to achieve compliance of energy efficient home design elements but can still be useful in some circumstances, particularly light weight constructions.
The BCA dictates the insulation or performance levels you need to comply with for each energy efficient home design element.

For example, a floor will have to have a certain R value, as well as the walls and so on. You cannot increase the R value in the walls to compensate for less insulation in the floor. Each individual component must comply.

This often makes it difficult to comply with this method.

As always energy efficient home design will be easier with Scope Drafting and we will find the correct assessment method for your project.

JV3 Assessments

JV3 assessments model the entire building in a 3D modelling program. We then compare this to another model of the same building that has all the individual components required on the BCA. A maximum energy efficiency load (kWh) is established for the building. We can then change the components of the building as long as this maximum is not exceeded.

This means not all areas need to comply with the minimum areas of the BCA as per the Elemental Provisions Assessment method. If, for example, you had an energy efficient building and found you didn’t need wall insulation, you wouldn’t need to put it in.

You can also use items such as energy efficient lighting to offset your insulation requirements. This means you have a lot more freedom to find a solution without expensive upgrades such as under floor insulation or upgraded glass.


All reports show exactly what is required in your set of plans and provide what you need for your building license application.

Our Service includes:

  • Detailed assessment of the building plans
  • Clear and concise recommendations to address areas of non-compliance
  • Comprehensive Report – required to obtain a Building Permit
  • Professional, efficient and reliable service
  • Competitive fixed-fee pricing
  • Commercial Energy efficiency or Section J Compliance can be handled QUICKLY and COST EFFECTIVELY by Scope Drafting

Please note that Classes 2 and 4 require a HERS assessment similar to what is required for residential projects to be combined with your Section J report.

The energy efficiency requirements will change depending on the class of the building, the heating and cooling to be installed and the use of the areas within the buildings.

Different buildings and even different sections of the buildings need to be handled differently. In the report you receive form Scope Drafting your requirements will be clearly listed to ensure you comply with Section J Requirements in the most cost effective manner.

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